About Us


Hello there Smart Browser... I am Billy W. Wright, A.K.A. (Mr. Research) owner and inventor of VDOC. I started the Versatile Docking Project in 2014 to provide a way to keep both hands productive in your everyday. I have been inventing things all of my life that save time so I've decided to bring this one to life for all and I Guarantee you will love it. ~~~~~~~~~~~

l live in the beautiful State of North Carolina, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA where the People here are extremely helpful and polite. I am a HUGE fan of the ENTIRE earth and it's beautiful Creative People. I am an OUT-OF-THE-BOX thinker ALWAYS!!! I play video games as a Beta Tester on occasion and a regular at the Fitness Center. Absolutely cool but clumsy at times, proud of positive humor, of sports but of nerd & geek & decreaser of world sucking! I twice sit on my phone, twice lost my phone and twice purchased one of those cell phone arm band insert thingys that was so annoying it gave me a headache. I do now have the solution for all of those things. ~~~~~~~~~~~

I am a Strategic, multidisciplinary inventor with an eye for innovation and improvement. My wish is to combine my knowledge and experience in these areas, to deliver the best creative and easy to use products. I have a strong personal following of over 16,000 Twitter followers, 4,500 Facebook Followers and 3,200 Instagram followers. I also love coffee...ALOT! ~~~~~~~~~~~

My goal in life is to help others with their everyday life. If I can help make everyday life easier for people, peoples stress levels are reduced therefore more happiness is created. In my childhood growing up in a small and friendly town, I started noticing how unhappy people were as if they were running out of time for something. Over the years I have been many places, meet many different people and the vibe from all of these places and people are unfortunately the same.
~~~~~~~~~~~ It is absolutely in our DNA that our brains are wired to think we are going to run out of time and run out of time for time itself if there is actually nothing to be done on time. (sorry, that is the way I see it). So, my goal in life is the help save time and make life easier as much as humanly possible.